Design Guide to Office Acoustics

Operable Walls
Also known as folding sliding walls, are designed so they can be moved easily to one side of a room to open two rooms into a larger space for meetings and functions. They fail into four group: concertina, folding, panel and retractable.

Concertina walls are lightweight flexible dividers with relatively low acoustic performance, while folding walls are individual panels linked by a hinge mechanism.

Panel based operable walls, supplied as individual solid or glass panels, are either top hung or sit between a top and bottom track.
Top hung panels can be fully automatically, semi-automatically or manually operated to engage acoustic seals and position the panels along tracks to divide space or store away when opening up the rooms.

Designers should take into account the abutments of the operable wall at the perimeter of the rooms. Sound should not be allowed to pass through gaps where the closing panels meet an adjacent wall.  It is also worth considering introducing a break in the raised floor tiles at his point to reduce flanking sound, which can be transmitted through the floor tiles.

Information attained AIS – Design guide to Office Acoustics

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