Are you Sitting Comfortably?

Did you know that back pain is the biggest cause of workplace absenteeism? While thankfully the pain usually goes away with rest, if the cause of the problem is not identified frequent time-off can occur.

In the workplace there are many factors which contribute to back pain; lifting, working at height, trips and falls etc. However for desk-based staff sitting at workstations, the main cause of back aches and pains is sitting for prolonged periods in a chair which hasn’t been adjusted to suit their height, weight and proportions.

Seating posture and chair height can be major contributors in causing or aggravating back pain; not to mention it can make sitting extremely uncomfortable, leading staff to become fidgety and distracted. No two individuals are the same. Things like height, weight, long legs, short legs and a lot more, all come in to providing the correct seating position.

Employers can help staff prevent injury by undertaking regular workstation assessments. This may involve:

  • Advising on best seating position
  • Adjusting seat height
  • Installing a footrest
Health & safety law states that employers must supply seats which are stable and have adjustable seat height and backrest. What’s more, given the risks of injury and the cost of frequent or prolonged absenteeism it makes sense for employers to invest in appropriate chairs for their workforce.

Jigsaw is an independent furniture specialist.  Our office chairs which as well as offering the ultimate in contemporary design are both functional and comfortable.

Our range is broken into two types; task and soft seating. Our soft seating collection includes sofas, chairs and ottomans which are perfect for reception or client areas.

When choosing Task seating there is a number of options depending on function, aesthetics and performance levels.

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